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custom beats

Get your song remixed

There are so many music genres, so why limit oneself in one? Get your song remixed in different genre to reach out to even more people and widen the audience. 

Top-notch Quality

With over 10 years experience in music industry we can guarantee you will get the best. 1000s of satisfied customers world-wide won't lie.

Extremely versatile

We can cover any music styles and genres. Literally. From Hip Hop / Urban beats to Pop Rock records, EDM and Film music.

Fast turnaround time

You won't have to wait long. We can typically turn around custom beat in under 1 working week, usually faster.

General information

It's obvious that you have to crossover and push your music to multiple genres in order to compete in nowdays' music industry. EDM (electronic dance music) is taking over the clubs and movies all over the world and you may hear a lot of EDM versions of latest Hip Hop and Pop radio hits playing in clubs, festivals, movies and video games. Actually, any song of any genre can be remixed or reworked to meet latest musical trends and open many doors for your music career development - that's exactly what we offer. Making a good remix is more than just putting your acapella on a new beat. Depending on the genre and project, there's a lot of nuances and niceties that we perfectly know. We've been making a lot of EDM music for aside from Diamond Style beats for a few years now. A lot of them has been featured and supported by EDM.com and ClubTapes.com

Music will tell better than words - listen some of EDM tracks and remixes we made under the DMNDZ and CVPELLV brands below.

Pricing and turnaround time

Prices vary depending on your requirements, overall complexity of the work and project where the track is going to be featured. We do not accept orders with a budget of less than $1,000. For serious inquires and further details contact us via email at info[at]diamondstyle.com or use the Contact Form