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custom beats

Get your own bespoke beat.

We can make an exclusive custom beat from scratch or build it around your acapella or idea. As you wish.

Top-notch Quality

With over 10 years experience in music industry we can guarantee you will get the best. 1000s of satisfied customers world-wide won't lie.

Extremely versatile

We can cover any music styles and genres. Literally. From Hip Hop / Urban beats to Pop Rock records, EDM and Film music.

Fast turnaround time

You won't have to wait long. We can typically turn around custom beat in under 1 working week, usually faster.

General information

Haven't found the beat that 100% fits your project in our catalog? Or prefer to have exclusive unheard beats instead? Not a problem! We can make a bespoke beat exclusively for you according to your wishes and requirements. No matter the genre hip hop beats, rap beats, pop beats, R&B beats, EDM beats, house beats and many more.

Pricing and turnaround time

Prices vary depending on your requirements, overall complexity of the work, live instrumentation needs etc. We do not accept orders with a budget of less than $1,000.